Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click)

Paid Digital Advertising

Digital advertising includes display ads online and in apps, email and mobile advertising, and paid social media advertisements. Let us break down for you the differences in each, why you might want to go with Pay-Per-Click over social ads (or vice versa), when to use retargeting ads to grab those users who visited your site but didn’t convert, and more.

Google Ads

Google is the first place people search online, and by optimizing your Google Ads to be shown for relevant searches, you will be in the right place at the right time for leads and sales. 305 Spin provides full-service ad account management, competitor research, keyword development and campaign setup including ad copy and landing pages. We monitor conversions and provide weekly and monthly reporting.

Social Media Ads

Are your target customers hanging out on social media sites? 305 Spin specializes in launching and optimizing Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad campaigns. We provide weekly and monthly reporting and make adjustments regularly to ensure a cost-effective campaign that meets your business objectives.

Google Merchant Center

Have you ever wondered how some products show up as photos of products available to buy in the Google search results page? That is done through Google Merchant Center. By using this tool, we help ensure your customers find your products easily, including the correct and relevant information such as price and availability.

Brand Search

Do you own your brand? When a user searches for your brand name online, it signals that the user has intent. That is, he or she intends to find your brand, maybe for research, maybe to purchase. However, if it’s not easy to find your brand, or worse, if a competitor pops up first with a compelling offer, that user may not end up on your site. Brand search can help ensure the people looking for you actually find you.

Google Analytics – Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics allows you to dive in to your website analytics to see metrics such as number of unique visitors, time on the page and bounce rates. Google Tag Manager allows you to go deeper. By using custom tags, you can track individual actions taken on your website without needing to place code.

And unlike many other digital marketing agencies, we charge a flat monthly rate rather than a percentage of your ad spend. That means we are laser focused on optimizing your campaign rather than constantly trying to bump up the ad spend.

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