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Increasing organic traffic is one of the main goals of every business or brand. For this reason, companies all over the world compete to appear first in search engine results when people start looking for products or services. 

However, not all businesses are getting enough traffic or brand recognition. With tons of businesses and brands coming out almost every day, it is easy to get lost to other brands and not get noticed. And of course, this is not what you want. 

To stay on top of the search and reach the right audience, a strategy should be in place. Yes, you may have already tried email marketing, advertising, and social media, but are you using the right keywords for your business or brand? Are you utilizing SEO Best Practices? 

Keywords? SEO? 

When you want to grow and have more traffic, this is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play, as it helps you move up the search engine results pages (SERPs) and make your site more visible to attract more visitors.

What is SEO? 

SEO is a marketing strategy that helps improve your website’s organic visibility, especially if you want to rank higher, in search engines such as Google or Bing. 

However, it is more than just that. SEO generates the most traffic for most brands. And if you improve your website’s ranking, the more visitors you have which translates to more growth, brand awareness, and revenue. 

According to statistics, over 83.9 billion users visited Google in April 2023. Capturing even just a fraction of these users will make a huge difference for your business or brand.

But while Google remains to dominate the global market share, challenger Bing is also as important to focus on when it comes to SEO especially with certain demographics like older users.

Bing offers a chance for both paid media managers and SEOs to expand their websites’ reach and attract new users from various demographics.  Hence, another reason why there’s a need to strengthen your SEO strategy.

So, how do you improve it? 

Best Practices to Draw Traffic to Your Business

As algorithms evolve and competition intensifies, using these SEO best practices is essential for driving organic traffic and enhancing your online presence. 

305 Spin Inc. provides the best assistance for you to be found online. We have been providing dedicated SEO services since 2008 so we have many years of experience and we know what it takes to achieve great SEO. And of course, we would love to teach you, too!

Here are some of the eight best practices you need to consider: 

1) Keyword is the “KEY”

Conduct thorough keyword research to understand the terms your target audience is using. We utilize tools like Semnrush, Google Keyword Planner, SpyFu and MOZ to identify relevant keywords with reasonable search volumes. 

If you have difficulty in finding the right keywords, we can provide that service for you. 305 Spin is a Semrush agency partner and can conduct a review of your site and competitor’s keyword’s. Once you’ve found the right keywords, incorporate them naturally into your content, meta tags, and headers. More on this below.

2) Optimize Your On-Page Elements

Your title tags and meta descriptions are the most important parts of your content. Header tags and URL structure are equally important as well.  

  • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions – Create compelling title tags and meta descriptions that accurately represent your content and entice users to click.

To provide readers with a brief overview of a result’s content, title tags are essential and the reasons it relates to their question. It’s frequently the main factor that searches utilize to determine which result to click on.

Meta Descriptions, on the other hand, provide a brief, relevant synopsis of your page’s content and should pique readers’ interest and inform them. 

They function similarly to a pitch, persuading a searcher that your page is just what they’re looking for.

  • Header Tags – Use header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to structure your content hierarchically, making it easier for search engines and your readers to understand the context. In this blog, H1 is the title, Mastering SEO:  Best Practices to Draw Traffic to Your Business,H2 isWhat is SEO?
  • URL Structure – Create clean and concise URLs that include relevant keywords and describe the content of the page.

3) Crafting Quality Content

Another way to get more traffic is by creating quality content. You may have already heard the saying “Content is King”, and this is true for most brands.  

Since Google is the biggest search engine on the web, they want to make sure that they provide the most relevant and reliable information available. Hence, the reason why your content must have SEO-optimized and compelling content to be the KING.

To craft quality content, here are some ways to do it: 

  • Recognize user intent: You must ascertain the reader’s goal upon arriving at your page.
  • Create a client persona: You also need to know the background, interests, and motivations of your readers.
  • Shorten the text: Because people’s attention spans are short, writing long passages of text is no longer effective. Instead, use lots of headers and graphics to break up the text.
  • Make it useful: Nothing is more frustrating than reading something and realizing you don’t have all the information you need to complete a task. So, ensure that your content provides relevance and is useful to your visitors. 

4) User Experience (UX)

Enhance the overall user experience of your website. Google considers factors like bounce rate, time on site, and user engagement. 

An intuitive navigation structure, clear calls-to-action, and a visually appealing design contribute to a positive user experience.

UX can help with SEO because users are more likely to share your link when it is user-friendly. Hence, if your website is hard to use, has a lot of broken links, and has many pop-ups and ads, chances are, they will not share it and go to your website. 

5) Social Media Integration 

Social media has a lot of influence when it comes to ranking your page. Share your content on social media platforms to increase visibility and encourage engagement. These days social media is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and communicate with different audiences.  

Use social media platforms that resonate with your business or brand. Your social media presence can indirectly impact your SEO efforts.

6) Quality Backlinks

With backlinks, you can raise your search engine ranks for targeted keywords and establish authority in your specific niche.

Earn high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites. Focus on creating shareable content, reaching out to influencers, and participating in guest posting to build a robust backlink profile. Remember that quality matters more than quantity.

If you need help understanding backlinks and how it works, an SEO marketing agency can help you with this task. 

Our digital marketing agency promotes a 30, 60, or 90-day plan for SEO initial research and strategy and offers monthly reporting and strategy sessions after that. Keep in mind that a good SEO takes about a year of investment, but will pay off in the long run.

7) Page Speed Matters

Users expect fast-loading websites. Google considers page speed as a ranking factor, so optimize images, leverage browser caching, and use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to enhance your website’s loading time.

8) Mobile Optimization

Website traffic from Mobile devices is now 70%+ of all website traffic so optimizing your website for mobile is crucial. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in its rankings. 

Therefore, ensure that you have a responsive design, quick loading times, and easy navigation for mobile users. After all, you don’t want users to get frustrated and leave searching, right? 

Draw Traffic to Your Business

In the dynamic landscape of SEO, staying ahead requires a commitment to best practices and ongoing adaptation. 

Focusing on keyword research, content quality, technical optimization, and user experience, you’ll be well-positioned to improve your website’s visibility and drive organic traffic. 

Remember, SEO is a long-term investment, and consistent efforts will yield lasting results in the competitive online environment if done correctly.

If you have challenges in gaining traffic to your website, getting the services of a digital marketing expert can help grow your brand or business.

305 Spin Inc. has many years of expertise in managing your business online. We provide results and look forward to helping you with your Search Engine Optimization

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