Meet The Team

John Moore

President and Founder
Meet John
Whatever you call John Moore, just know he’s a man that wears many hats. When he’s not racking up the miles visiting clients, traveling for his son’s soccer or taking his daughter to dance or play practice, John still tries to sneak in 40 days a season of skiing the slopes of Steamboat Colorado. This relentless schedule seems the norm as John lives by one very simple philosophy: There are no days off from life; every day is another opportunity to better yourself from the day before. Did you know?: 305 Spin opened an office in 2014 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. John has skied there since 1986. Steamboat Springs was founded by James Crawford, who, like John, was from Sedalia, Missouri.

Kevin White

Senior Applications Developer
Meet Kevin
Kevin is a jack-of-all-trades in both his professional and personal life. At work, you can find him writing code, working in the database, planning the next project, or brainstorming with the other developers. When he sees a problem, he finds the solution. At home, he’ll be working on handyman projects, watching TV (if there was a Sports and Documentaries subscription plan, he’d be the first to sign up), or planning his next trip out West to do some hiking, skiing, and restaurant hopping.

Bradley Baker

IDM Project Manager
Meet Bradley
Bradley enjoys any type of challenge whether physical or mental. His interest and hobbies drive his passion for life. Bradley’s project implementations throughout his work experience has helped him build a knowledge that spans many different web strategies and development techniques. Bradley was instrumental at Mullen High School where he played a key role in implementing the school’s 1 to 1 program as well as moving the school computer science department into the 21st century.

Jarrett Woodall

.Net Developer
Meet Jarrett
If you don’t see Jarrett Woodall, don’t panic. Jarrett says if he had any super power, it would be the ability to become invisible. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, riding four-wheelers, and of course, learning about technology, design, and creating websites. He says “Right now, I consider my greatest life accomplishment learning to program. I never thought I would like it; I used to work strictly in front end development…but it’s something that I just tinkered with until I figured it out and boy, I was surprised how much I really love doing it!” Growing up on a 400 acre farm, Jarrett has some of the stereo-typical “country boy” traits like owning a cattle dog, loving George Strait, and loving steak (because his family raises cattle)…you might be surprised to know that Jarrett also has a passion for woodworking and metalworking!

Randy Woodall

ASP Dot Net Programmer
Meet Randy
He was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri and moved to the Sedalia area when he was eighteen. Randy has a 400 acre cattle farm and enjoys operating the equipment. He started learning to program so he could keep records of his cattle. He liked doing it so much and kept learning so much on his own that he started contract programing on his own before coming to work for 305 spin. He also obtained a network administration degree to supplement his knowledge. Randy is married to Briggitte and his son is Jarrett who also works for 305 spin. Randy and Briggitte like to vacation in Cancun but would also like to travel to Europe someday. Randy likes older Rock and Country music. He does not like the new music. He even used to play a guitar in a band when he was younger.

Matt Carver

Network Operations Center Engineer
Meet Matt
Going from aiming to be an archeologist to becoming an internet technology guru, Matt Carver has all the life angles covered! I guess one could say Matt has much respect for things of the old and things of the new. Speaking of the old, rumor has it, he also named his kitty Llyr after a mythological Welsh sea-king. Whether he’s castle hopping in Europe, blacksmithing, reading, video-gaming, or as he says “the catch-all: doing anything with my wife,” Matt keeps a wide variety of hobbies. Did you know?: Matt says if he died tomorrow his headstone would read “What a dork!” Jury is still out on that one!



Nichole Payne

Meet Nichole
A die hard Chicago Bulls fans, don’t get in the way of Nichole Payne watching their games! She may no longer be a Midwestern girl anymore, but watching the Bulls play and seeing their games on the West Coast will always stay in Nichole’s blood. For her age Nichole’s experience stacks pretty high, but she still believes she has a lot to accomplish in life. When not sharpening her digital design skills, she can be found biking, running, hiking, shopping, or even crafting the occasional watercolor masterpiece! One thing’s for sure, whether it’s personal or professional, she always follows her heart. World travels may be something she’s a seasoned expert at, but Nichole is always planning her next big adventure. Some of her favorites have included Paris, Florence, Madrid, Buenos Aires, The Great Wall of China and Machu Picchu. Did you know?: If she had any super power, it would be the ability to time travel. Can you take us with you, Nichole?

Lori Moore

Meet Lori
She’s still perfecting her Jedi mind trick, but Lori Moore has certainly mastered the art of balance. Between helping her husband, John, run a successful small business and being a “Mom-Extraordinaire” Lori can be referred to as a peacekeeper of their family unit. She also doesn’t fail to enjoy life by indulging in a juicy ribeye from Sweetwood Cattle Company paired with a glass of bold red wine on occasion or enjoying the likes of 80’s rockers like Bruce Springsteen, REO Speedwagon or Billy Joel. Did you know?: At Christmas time, you may find Lori moonlighting as a tree-dwelling, cooking baking elf leading up to her Christmas Eve birthday. Yum!



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