Are you looking for an Easier Way to Do SEO?

Let us Introduce softserveSEO: A DIY Portal and Toolkit for Search Engine Optimization

After working with clients for 30 years, we kept getting the same questions:

SEO expert on laptop using SoftServeSEO software

  • I know improving SEO is important, but we don’t have the budget to invest in an agency. Where do I even start to learn how to optimize a website myself?
  • I set up Google Analytics, but there is just too much data. What am I supposed to be checking for?
  • We got burned by an agency in the past who charged a lot and didn’t provide any results. I need an affordable solution that will provide good results.
  • As a small-business owner, I love being in control and want to learn how to do SEO. But, how do I actually do that affordably without wasting time?

And after all those years of hearing the same questions, we knew it was time to, “put our money where our mouth is,” and develop the service our clients needed.

And thus, softserveSEO was born!

Visit softserveSEO here. 

What is softserveSEO?

softserveSEO is a self-service SEO portal that allows you to take the lead of your website’s Search Engine Optimization in the most efficient way possible.

The portal includes:

Dashboard of Key Metrics

A Small-Business Owner learns SEO We hand pick the most critical SEO reports and metrics from Google Analytics and the all-in-one SEO tool suite Semrush. Easily view the data you need, such as:

  • Site Health
  • Domain Authority Score
  • Number of Website Users
  • Pageviews and Sessions (And Learn the Difference)
  • Top Ranking Keywords

View these metrics at a glance to see how your website is performing this week compared to last week. Click on the overviews to head into more detailed information.

Learn more about softserveSEO features here.

SEO Tools in One Place

As a company who has been focused on SEO since its inception, we have created our own tools for the critical elements of SEO, which are all included in your softserveSEO portal.

  • The tools include:
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Keyword Position Tracker
  • Site Crawler
  • Website Audit Tool

Your existing Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts will also be linked to your dashboard. (If you don’t have these accounts, we will teach you how to set them up when you join softserveSEO.)

Sundae School SEO Training

SEO is not a set it and forget it activity. In order to stay at the top, you must continue to optimize and tweak your webpages. We help you though this process by teaching our best practices, which we honed after working with hundreds of clients.

Our 10-module course teaches you everything you need to know improve your website rankings and increase organic traffic. From SEO 101 to how to create a site map, perform keyword research, test your website page speed and analyze Core Web Vitals, you will learn the basics of SEO.

Expert Support

We are here to help.

Coaching calls are available for questions about specific features, onboarding, and ensuring you are getting the most out of the portal.

The Team Behind softserveSEO

We are here to help.

305 Spin is made up of website developers who build portals and apps for clients and SEO and SEM experts who help clients with all aspects of their digital marketing. We have the perfect set of skills to create a software portal with all the tools needed to allow users to optimize their websites for SEO. We also have the knowledge and training chops to create an educational component to make sure users understand and use all platform benefits.

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