Online and Mobile Application Development

Run Your Business Online

Now more than ever it is important to keep all your employees and business processes connected and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 305 Spin has been helping businesses operate more efficiently with online private portals, intranets and extranets for 20 years. Employees can access business processes and data through secure online and VPN connections. Being out of the office should never mean being out of touch with the office.

Franchises, Dealers, Sales Reps, Distribution Channels

Companies like RainSoft rely on 305 Spin to connect their worldwide network of dealers and sales reps through secure online portals and applications. Lenny’s Sub Shops built their nationwide franchises system using 305 Spin franchise portals. Stay connected, provide marketing tools and incentives, and drive sales. Mobile applications provide the final piece of the puzzle for success.

Sales Lead Generation

305 Spin excels at building lead generation websites, landing pages and forms that connect with CRMs, back office systems, online portals or mobile applications for management of sales leads. Combine with Local Geographically Targeted SEO and Pay Per Click marketing to generate new lead sources. Drip campaigns and remarketing help increase brand awareness for consumers on their customer journey.

Branded Mobile Applications

Branded mobile applications can be brand and purpose driven or built to provide defined online information while providing a better mobile user experience. Keep your brand front and center on your consumer’s mobile device with your application. Enable customers to easily check their accounts, order status, and loyalty points while experiencing easy access to customer support.

Street Team Applications

305 Spin has been a leader in building Mobile Street Team Applications for government program eligibility signups, like the Lifeline Phone Service Program, Utility Support and other federal and state programs. Cloud-based SaaS systems provide the backbone for the Street Team Application. The backend can connect to federal and state eligibility databases for compliance and approvals. Other integrations such as financial and background checks are available.

Web Enable Backoffice – Legacy Systems

305 Spin has spent many years designing and building online portals that securely connect to internal company back office resources and data. Building an integrated architecture including the user interface, the middle layer with business rules and multipronged connectivity as well as the required API’s for pushing and pulling data from the internal resources. 305 Spin is adept at identifying the workflows required to make those processes work and enabling your company to maximize internal resources.

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