Our Process

We take our research serious. Whether we find it necessary to scour your analytics, provide in depth keyword research, determine trends, research consumer reports, discuss events or time frames, we will be digging until all the necessary information is revealed. We will un-cover the unimaginable.
Without goals, we are just throwing things against the wall to see if they stick. Let’s setup your metrics and expectations, for every aspect of your campaign. Let’s figure out what your ultimate goals are for your business, and figure out how we can incorporate the marketing to achieve your highest dreams.
What would marketing be without a marketing plan? We will be helping you to construct your marketing plan, to ensure you are successful. Let’s determine your objectives, target market, call to action, process, plan, personas, metrics and expectations.
No cookie cutter campaigns, here. After compiling all the research, marketing plan and goals, we construct an entirely unique Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy just for you and our business. Ever get sick of trying to fit the mold of other agencies? We will work around your business and budget to get the more profitable marketing strategy for you.
We will execute, and we will be happy to show you all of our execution. No more worrying about what your agency is doing for you. We will provide a monthly report of everything we have done for you, with all the evidence to support it.
Your success is our success. We are open and honest about how your business is performing. Each month we will provide a detailed and incredibly in depth report of every aspect of your campaign. We will review everything that has been completed for the month, as well as the strategy for the upcoming month. Be prepared to be informed.