How We Think

Perception is defined as the process and ability to recognize and interpret different forms of stimuli. Perception is applicable in every sense of the word: perceiving your client needs and forming the perception of your business. When you market a product or a service, it is important to determine who to target, when to target them and how to develop your digital marketing plan to encompass all aspects of what you offer as a business. It is also important to form how others perceive you.
“The devil is in the details”. We’ve heard this saying time and time again, and as much as any business shies away from it, the reality is that paying attention matters. From trends in the industry to changes in consumer mindsets, it’s time to pay attention. Focusing on bits and pieces of information and consolidating them into useable data signifies that the attention to detail is worth it. 305 Spin sweats the small details so you don’t have to, and helps build a campaign you can be proud of.
Emotional intelligence has yet to be truly assimilated into current digital marketing at large. Being “emotionally smart or sensitive” is being self-aware, budding curiosity and being empathetic. The emotional connection is extremely important in digital marketing. This is how we communicate to individuals, on both a personal level and simply a business level. If you aren’t in touch with your emotional awareness, you’ll be left behind in an age that is valuing connectedness.
Motivation is often the crux of the issue when it comes to marketing: without it, nothing can be achieved, and without understanding what motivates your target consumer, you will lag in a fast-moving society. It’s not enough to understand certain behavioral data; it’s just as important to delve into the motivation and emotions of the how and why. Your customer doesn’t always know what it wants, but they are still motivated to make a decision on products and services. Having the ability to tap into the direction they seek can be the difference between a successful campaign and a failure.
The one benefit that you have when marketing in the digital realm is that your focus is on humans; and if there is one thing we can be sure of, it is that we have done some serious degree of research when it comes to the behavior of men and women. Behavior can be targeted and defined in many different aspects. Understanding the behaviors of our modern society and your target market is a specialization that 305 Spin excels at, and can help to increase your understanding of your consumer’s behavior, as well as your ROI.
The relationships that you build and connect with can be the difference between a one-time consumer and a lifelong customer. In this face-paced, global society, we on average only have seconds to make an impression on a customer, which highlights the importance of building these relationships and connecting in the digital age. Build relationships, and you can build your business better than ever. 305 Spin takes this step seriously when putting together your personal marketing plan.
Are you taking care of your business? Are you taking care of your current customers? Are you taking care of potential clients? Are you making sure your business and marketing remain flexible, healthy and competitive in a rapidly-changing environment? 305 Spin continues to lead the way in understanding and utilizing these psychological aspects in your campaign. Crafted and tailored to meet your exact consumer demands, this is your chance to take the next step and better your business more than you ever thought possible.