305 Spin is an SEMrush Partner

Digital Marketing Agency 305 Spin has been using SEMrush since 2011 and is an SEM Rush agency partner. What does this mean?

It means 305 Spin team members are experts in the SEMrush platform, which is used for competitive research and improving business’s online visibility through SEO, SEM and content creation tools.

But enough about us, what about you?

It doesn’t matter what a website and digital marketing agency excels in if that doesn’t line up with what a client needs.

As a 305 Spin Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing client, you will benefit from our expertise and proven SEO and SEM process. When you sign on as a client, you will be engaged in a 1-on-1 consultation to discuss your company and digital marketing objectives. We then perform an audit of your website and digital marketing efforts. This allows us to put together a proposal outlining where you stand now and identifying the opportunities we have uncovered for you.

Wondering what exact information we look for?

Target Keywords

Using SEMrush and other partner tools, we analyze what keywords your website is currently ranking for and what keywords you have a high potential of ranking for. We also research the actual search terms that users are inputting online in order to help you find the best keywords for your website. These keywords are defined in a “core keyword list.” This core keyword list is used to help inform your content and marketing strategies, while moving them up the rankings for better positioning in search engine results pages.

Competitor Analysis

We also identify competitors and analyze their digital marketing behavior to find opportunities you may be missing. This includes identifying keywords your competitors are optimizing for which are not on your radar and looking into competitors’ online advertising efforts. This research can give insights into the platforms your competitors are using, how much they spend monthly on search advertising, what keywords bring them the most clicks and more.

Backlinks Analysis

During your SEO/SEM work with 305 Spin, we also will look at your backlinks profile to determine how many backlinks and what level of website are linking to you. (Sites with a higher domain authority will give you more “link juice” and boost your own site more than those with lower DA’s.) This helps determine what strategy may be needed to increase promotion of your website.

Additionally, you want to be sure there are no “toxic” backlinks, that could be negatively affecting your website. SEMrush gives us an easy way to view this in their tool.

Finally, we will review what backlinks your competitors receive to see whether you could improve your Google search engine rankings by obtaining links from similar websites.

SEMrush Project

After using SEMrush, Moz and other digital marketing software to help research and identify the core keywords for your business and website, a project will be set up in the SEMrush platform. This allows us to monitor keywords’ rankings from week to week and quickly receive alerts if important keywords drop out of the top 10 positions.

Additionally, we can see when there are new opportunities to show up in extra features on the SERPs (search engine results pages) such as the “People Also Ask” questions and the local map pack.

When working with 305 Spin, you will receive all of this analysis to help you understand the digital opportunities for your business. You will also receive SEO reports showing your organic traffic, core keyword rankings, site health, errors or warnings that could negatively affect your SEO efforts, where you stand vs. competitors, and more.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s Talk

If you are looking for an SEMrush Partner Agency, look no further! 305 Spin is contacted by companies every week who have found us in the SEMrush Agency Partner Directory. We are happy to provide you a free SEO audit and proposal.

Can we help you with your SEO and Pay-Per-Click ads? Let’s talk!

About 305 Spin

305 Spin has been in business since 1996 and has provided dedicated SEO services since 2008. SEMrush is one of our favorite tools, but it is not our only tool.

305 Spin also uses other advanced tools such as Moz and SpyFu. We are Google Partners and have passed many Google certifications, including earning the Google Ads Search Certification.