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Website Hosting

In 1998, 305 Spin invested in web hosting operations in order to provide better server side mechanics and platforms more suited to serving dynamic, multimedia, and e-commerce websites.

While ISP's and large hosting farms provide platforms that may be low-cost, they typically are inefficient or inadequate for most commercial websites. It is not unusual for an ISP host to have over a 1,000 websites hosted on one server. While this makes sense financially for the host, it is not in the best interest of the client who wants to have their website available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

305 Spin strives to provide the best server-website combination possible. Just like a classroom with fewer students per teacher, websites function better with fewer sites per server.

By hosting a website on a server that best suits the necessary mechanics for content development, updates and/or multimedia the client is assured that their website will be served to the Internet as intended. It also provides a better value to the client both in development and in maintenance of the website.

Domain email hosting with a weighted spam/junkmail filtering system, webmail as well as POP, SMTP and LDAP services are also available.

To further insure website reliability, 305 Spin only hosts client websites and does not provide hosting services only.

305 Spin's Network and bandwidth infrastructure consists of:

  • A Dedicated Fiber Optic circuit from AT&T main switch (located across the street) into our NOC is circuit one. A Dedicated Fiber Optic circuit from MNA (located across street) is circuit two. These are discrete networks with their own class C set of ip's.
  • Dedicated DUAL AC units for NOC.
  • Natural Gas Generator for NOC and office and HVAC.
  • Redundant server, router and appliance resources across both networks.
  • Discrete Development/Staging servers and Live Server networks.
  • 24/7 monitoring and security
  • Best of Breed Hardware - Dell servers and Cisco firewalls and routers
  • Dot Defender website intrusion detection

Everything is here and is monitored onsite, so there will never be a call to somebody else to find out what is going on with your email or website. With early warning alerts for website errors and other potential issues, while it doesn't happen often, 305 Spin knows when something is awry before you do. This allows us to fix things faster and prevent an issue from escalating.

And, best of all, the phone is answered by a live person! No multi-levels of phone menus and messages, just a real person ready to help.

Domain Registration/Secure Site Certificates
305 Spin offers domain registration through Tucows OpenSRS

We also offer Symantec/Verisign and Geotrust Secure Site certificates.

OpenSRS: Master Contract • ICANN Policy

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