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Search Engine Optimization - SEO, SERP, PPC

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), organic SEO, SERP, AdWords, pay-per-click. What does it all mean and why should you care? If your plan is for consumers and potential website visitors to access a website solely via direct referral, then these things are probably not high on your list. But, if you want to attract new potential customers or consumers to your website, you should be concerned about how this traffic finds your website and what it will take to grow this traffic.


For 10 years, 305 Spin has developed guidelines for "SEO Best Practices."  These guidelines have evolved based on changes with the major search engine algorithms and what works for specific types of websites. This includes a focus on keyword and key-phrase relevance that gives the website the best chance to establish realistic Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) within the website's market. These Best Practice guidelines are implemented for websites and can later be supplemented with managed Adword campaigns and online press release campaigns. 305 Spin includes websites in the Google Sitemap program for reliable and measurable indexing as well as include Google analytics and Smarterstats website log metrics.


Recently, Google has added the capability to write your blog in Google's platform, Blogger, and post automatically to Google+.  As the landscape changes with social media as it pertains to SEO, 305 Spin aggressively studies the most recent develops and trends to keep you up to date.


Additionally, 305 Spin adds value to SEO by optimizing local search results to include a geolocation file along with your sitemap.  Combined with rich snippets or structured data, search engines classify your website improving your search engine results in local searches.


As a full service web company, 305 Spin will manage every detail of your company from A-Z all while keeping you completely informed on progress.