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Search Engine Optimization - SEO, SERP, PPC

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), organic SEO, Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), AdWords, pay-per-click (PPC). What does it all mean and why should you care? If your plan is for consumers and potential website visitors to access a website solely via direct referral, then these things are probably not high on your list. But, if you want to attract new potential customers or consumers to your website through web searches and internet advertising, you should be concerned about how this traffic finds your website and what it will take to grow this traffic.

As with PPC campaigns, an Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program provides opportunities for companies to increase website traffic - visitors, impressions, and therefore sales, leads, inquiries.  This effort helps consumers to engage with your brand, building intent and maximizing the effectiveness of your website marketing.

With rapid evolution now the norm in search and social environments, 305 Spin’s approach to SEO is built on a unique blend of best practices, clear process and innovation, providing maximum value and measurable results. Everything can and should be measured and evaluated.

Where your needs are focused on strategy driven long term SEO, 305 Spin provides a fully managed campaign solution. This approach is based on the components of our best of brand SEO approach including strategy, on-going monthly management, content updates across all properties and campaigns, and regularly scheduled reporting/Q&A.