Online Training

Providing online employee training can be a cost-effective method for offering continuous education and productivity enhancement tools. 

Some of the benefits of building an online training center include:

Convenience - Employees learn at their own pace and maintain control of completing their online training courses from work, home, and on the road with unlimited access 24/7. 

Relevance - Employers can easily update training materials to address the most current business needs.

Immediacy - Delivery over the Internet enables training to begin with just a few mouse clicks.

Affordability - Online employee training is environmentally friendly, doing away with the need for instructor or student travel, and eliminating paper waste.

Ease-of-Use - Open an Internet browser and employees are up and running quickly.

Consistency - Corporate offices can deliver consistent training materials across large, geographically dispersed organizations. Localized versions of courses can even facilitate consistent instruction across multi-national, multi-lingual organizations.

Let 305 Spin work with you to develop online training solutions that could be managed from a corporate training facility with the flexibility for users to quickly learn through videos, slideshows, quizzes, and other relevant online training tools.

Lenny's Training Site
Lenny's Training Site

Lenny's Training Site
Lenny's Training Site