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305 Spin develops custom built intranets/extranets for almost any business to business or customer service situation, with extensive experience in building intranet/extranet applications for national and international corporations. There are multiple business processes today that are better served by a web platform, rather than utilizing existing pen and paper solutions. A web-centric solution allows you to provide the application to your users anywhere at any time with the only requirement being a current web browser and a secure login with a username and password.

305 Spin can provide you with an easy-to-use and administer web-based intranet that enables you and your co-workers or sales people in the field to easily coordinate calendars, tasks, news, announcements, links, as well as share files. The intranet features various user access levels so that different items can be viewed or accessed by only designated individuals. The administrative access can control users and access levels in an easy to use interface. Files can be added in existing or new directories that can be named to easily categorize files. With a completely customized solution for your needs, the options are endless!